Everything You Need to Know About APNA Common Services Centres (APNA CSC)

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Most of the people faced much confusion regarding CSC schemes and CSC registrations online. By the end of this post, everything will be cleared, and you will have a clear idea about CSC, which stands for common service centers.

In simple words, we can say that CSC (common service centers) is a PAN India network. The initiative of CSC has been taken to make India a digital nation. Therefore, the expected service center scheme lies under the digital program in India. The industry is born to make India a developed country. These services will eventually enhance the working system with some significant changes in a particular country’s residents.

Introduction to Apna CSC Scheme

Apna CSC is a part of the national e-governance plan scheme named CSC (Common Service Centres). The portal started by the central government to provide G2C (Government to citizen) and B2C (Business to citizens) services at the doorstep. Under this Bharat Nirman scheme, the budgetary allocation of 100000 common service centers in rural areas and 10000 standard services centers in the urban area have been done.

The central vision of the Apna CSC scheme is to provide the citizens of India with high-quality and cost-effective e-governance services to the citizens in all the fields. This post will get all the information associated with CSC registration online and the CSC registration process 2021.

Present states of the APNA CSC Scheme

As per the government reports mentioned below are the current stats of the Apna CSC scheme.

  • Catering to 3,462 CSC centers, 2.6 lakh VLE’s are located all over India.
  • The total transaction amount of 1975 lakh was processed in the year 2017
  • The services included in Apna CSC schemes are PAN card registration, Adhar card registration, booking of the train tickets, music downloads, and the benefits of string queries related to one’s bank balance or information eligibility of schemes.

Well, this is just an overview of the Apna CSC scheme. With the increase in the digital media project, the Indian government is working hard to make India a highly developed country with all the facilities.

The objective of the APNA CSC Scheme- A step towards digital India

As mentioned above, the scheme is implemented under the PPP (public, private partnership) framework. Some of the primary aims of the Apna CSC schemes are-

  1. Increase of entrepreneurship in the whole country. All in urban and rural areas.
  2. They are offering services to all the segments like private and government sectors too.
  3. All the communities are treated equally by giving them special services and options.
  4. The standard service centers are treated as one-stop solutions for various G2C and B2C services.
  5. The CSC centers act as an agent to numerous governmental and non-governmental services.
  6. The Apna CSC scheme plays a vital role in developing rural livelihoods by providing them with digital services.

Overall one common service center covers six villages, which comes to approximately 6,00,000 villages.

The basic structure of the common service center schemes

The unique common service center by the public-private partnership is available in 3 tier structure-

It is essential to study and understand the basic of the common service centers and understand the PPP model of the scheme-

  • The state designed authority is in charge of managing and implementing CSC services across the country.
  • The service center agency is under the guidance of the owner of CSC and will set up the CSC and decide the common service center’s locations. These service center agencies will help the most crucial role in promoting common service centers in rural areas. Numerous promotional activities are implemented to promote and create awareness of the condition.
  • Along with these implementing principles, the sca is also accountable for the 500-1000 CSCs operating under him.
  • If a village level entrepreneur operates the shared service center, then a total of 6 villages will fall under this category.

What is the procedure to get Apna CSC registration online or how to start a shared service center?

To get yourself registered with the standard service center scheme, you need to be aware of the Apna CSC scheme and its process to register yourself with the plan successfully.

The application process to get apna CSC registration online 2021

STEP1. Visit the official CSC portal. https://csc.gov.in/

STEP2. Once you visit the page, you will find a tab titled on the left side of the page, which says interested in becoming a CSC. Click on the particular account. https://register.csc.gov.in/

STEP3.Now click on the link for CSC registration clicks here.

STEP 4. In this step, enter your aadhar card number, which is very important

STEP 5. Now, authenticate your aadhar card with any one of the methods mentioned on the page. You can show your aadhar card either with your registered mobile number or biometrics.

STEP 6. Now, click on the proceed button to go to the next step

STEP 7. They will ask you to enter the auto-generate OTP. Enter the OTP carefully.

STEP 8. Choose the geotagged image of the center where you wish to apply for CSC

STEP 9. Click on the submit button.

With this step, your CSC application 2021 process gets submitted successfully. Once you submit the document online, you will receive an acknowledgment stating your CSC application’s present status.


With these Apna CSC schemes, many people are getting aware of the importance of digitalization. Therefore every citizen in India should be a part of this scheme to make India a highly developed country. The system is trying to provide its services in all the segments to serve people In the best possible way. You can also get registered for the Apna CSC scheme 2021 by logging in to the CSC scheme’s official portal. The only eligibility to apply through the Apna scheme is that the person should be a resident and equal to or above 18.

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