Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship 2021: Know Complete Details at a Glance!

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Begum Hazrat mahal national scholarship is nothing but the new name of the Maulana Azad scholarship that is denoted as a national level scholarship program for the girl students who belong to the minority communities. In this scheme, students who are in class 9 to 12 will be able to get around 6000/- INR to the students who got selected in the scheme. According to the Govt. of India’s data, about 5,89,838 girl students receive benefits from the scholarship program. The fund of the project will be given by India’s government so that the students who fail to complete the studies as they have insufficient money. 

Rewards for the scholarship program.

The Begum Hazrat mahal national scholarship program, which is previously known as the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad scholarship program, has become a savior of the girl child who fails to complete their education due to the financial problems that they are facing from their side. The students will get the scholarship program so that they can get admission to the schools, pay tuition fees, and maintain the allowance for the study. Every year several girl children have to leave school, as they don’t have sufficient money to complete the money. Here is the list of rewards that a student can get from the scholarship program. 

From class 9 to 10, the students will get INR 5000/- so that they can maintain the sanitization expenses and pay tuition fees and admission fees. In case they have to lodge in a place or have to travel somewhere, they can also bare it from the scholarship program. 

For the students who are learning in class 11 and 12, to bare the school fees, books, and stationery expenses, they will get INR 6000/- per year. 

According to the government, hopefully, it will remain helpful for the students who are learning in 11th or 12th; they can be able to solve the problems.

Important dates for the Begum Hazrat mahal national scholarship

The Begum Hazrat mahal national scholarship that is being provided to the child belongs from the minority community, generally getting announced from the month of July, and the whole program has to be completed till September. From the middle of July to the end of September, students can be able to apply for the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship

The main eligibility criteria to get the scholarship is, the student has to be from the minority community. Besides that, there are a number of factors are present that you should have while applying for the scholarship. 

  • The applicants are studying in class 9 to class 12.
  • The participants who will apply for the post should have to secure at least 50% marks in the previous classes. 
  • The annual family income should be not more than 2 laths.

Application procedure

The application procedure for the scholarship program is very easy to manage. To help the students who are applying for the scholarship, the Maulana Azad education foundation launched the portal, which allow the students to apply for the scholarship using the Begum Hazrat mahal national scholarship portal

  • First of all, the student has to fill up the registration form. To fill-up the form, the students have to provide the details of the class where they are reading and in the particular box, they have to provide their names, domicile details, address, mobile number, school name as well as the parent’s name.
  • Once you are done to fill-up the form, you need to click on the submit button. 
  • When the student will complete the detailed procedure to filling up and submitting the form, students will be able to get a link where they can be able to see the verification form. The application should be verified by the school’s principle. 
  • To fill out the scholarship, they have to log in to the portal using the registered mobile number and the date of birth.
  • At the time of filling up forms, students have to provide information related to the bank account details, marks details, and occupation details of parents and income details. 
  • Students have to upload the files as well as they have to click on the submit button to complete the procedure. 

Required documents for the scholarship program

There are several documents present that you require while applying for the scholarship program. 

  • Passport size photograph. 
  • Verification form attested by school principle
  • Mark sheet of the last exam attested by the principle
  • Income certificate of guardians attested by the principle
  • Minority community certification (self-declaration)
  • Aadhar card of the applicant 

Selection process and renewal process

Students who will complete all the verification process and complete all the requirements will be able to get the scholarship. Also, there is no renewal process present for the scholarship. Every year, students have to apply for a new membership in order to get a chance to get a scholarship. 

Final thoughts

The article has gone through several procedures that you can use to get selected in the examination process. Hopefully, you have got all the related information related to the scholarship program. Hopefully, by applying to the scholarship program, you will get selected and get a chance to fulfill your dream. Navigate to the official website and get a scholarship for you. So, if you are from a minority community and have secured 50% marks, you can apply for the scholarship.


What should be the minimum marks that you should get in the exam? 

Ans: Candidates have to secure at least 50% marks in their exams. 

Is the Maulana Azad Scholarship for Girls the same as Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship?

Ans: Yes, both are the same. 

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