Bonafide is simply a term to define if someone is genuine or not. So, a bona fide certificate is something that certifies you are from a particular organization or institution. Take the Aadhar card as an example that proves our identity. The bonafide certificate is also proof of identity but works differently. It works as proof which details one’s most necessary material like the name of the issuer, name of the organization or institution, class, or position. If you are confused about the process of making bona fide, then this article will come in handy. Here’s all you need to know about the bonafide certificate.   

First, let me point out where we use this. A bonafide certificate is valuable in many scenarios. Either you are a student or an employee, it solves your issues within minutes. 

Uses of Bonafide Certificate

  1. It can be used for many purposes like passport, visa, study abroad scholarship, new job application.
  2. When applying for concession like bus, train or metro fare from a student’s side, a bona fide certificate is valuable there. 
  3. If a student applies for a loan, a concession may be available after producing a bonafide certificate.
  4. Some corporates may provide this certificate to the employees so that they can avail themselves of the concession when travelling. 

So, you see there are many facilities if you have this certificate. Now, let’s know the structure of the certificate. 

Structure of Bonafide Certificate

Different organizations or institutions have different formats. But some particular points are inevitable to mention.  

  1. A bonafide certificate must be addressed to the head of the organization.
  2. The name of the issuer.
  3. What is the position, class or department?
  4. The important point is to mention the purpose.
  5. Ensure to attest the certificate by the head of the organization. 

Here I am attaching the most accepted format. Though this defines a student’s perspective, the same format will be applied to an employee also. 

Now, the article has made you curious to know about its application process, which is the ultimate motive of this article to provide you with the solution. And I think we all want to know how the reader can get that one. Here’s how you can avail a bonafide certificate. 

  1. One can get the application form from offline or online mode through the organization or institution’s portal. 
  2. You can register your necessary details in the form and submit them for the certificate.
  3. If there is no option to avail a prescribed form online or offline mode, you can write a letter also by following the same format, which will take a few minutes to make it. Fill out the necessary details and submit them to the authority. 

Some colleges or institution may take a small amount of processing fees to obtain the certificate. One has to fill out the form and pay the fees in the end. And finally, the bonafide certificate will be in your hand.

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