Correspondence Address Vs Residential Address?

A story can be shared here. A businessman at a very young age founded a little company. He didn’t have any idea about the peripheral things except his knowledge on the particular topic. He had a tiny office. But the issue was whenever a letter or any kind of postal material for official purpose came to him, and he received it from his house. He came to know he had made a mistake when providing his correspondence address. He gave his residential address. Though this was not an important issue, the address should have been proper. Otherwise, the official work doesn’t look official. With the help of the internet, he found the solution. He found the difference between a correspondence address and a residential address

A correspondence address is where one receives letters or any kind of mailing information. Either it can be your office or factory address or vacation address. But a residential address is where one lives. Obviously, it means the home address or permanent address. The correspondence address is temporary, whereas a residential address is the long-term dwelling place. 

Now let’s know what the types of business correspondence are?

  • Internal correspondence
  • External correspondence
  • Personalized correspondence
  • Sales correspondence
  • Circulars

A correspondence address is the location of a relative or somebody you know where correspondence from true bodies can be sent. This incorporates political polling cards and letters from the Tax and Customs Administration. The individual at that address should guarantee that the correspondence is given to you. It is preposterous to expect to utilize a P.O. box or where no one is living as a correspondence address. At the point when you register under a correspondence address, the district will examine whether you genuinely have no fixed place of residence. The correspondence address you utilize must be a recognized location in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

There is no fixed law that you can’t use your residential address instead of the correspondence address when you don’t have an office or factory. You can definitely use your home address. Take, an example, a virtual office where you don’t have any physical office or factory. So, in this particular situation, one can use the residential address.  

Most companies or institutions need these records appropriately. Like when you fill out a form for college admission or a job, you get to see these two particular options. So, whenever you are filling out the portion, make sure you are informed about this and then write. Wrong information may arise in confusion. Be cautious about that. 

Are you curious? Thinking about what happened with the man? Is he successful now? What do you think? He is like me and you, who don’t know everything, but it doesn’t define one’s success or failure. I hope the article helps you gain knowledge with the blessings of the internet as it is known as the nectar of knowledge.

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