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In this post, you will get to know everything about the latest scholarship portal and the working authorities of Dr. Ambedkar scholarship portalPunjab is run by the government of India and the state government of Punjab. The portal provides all the information related to the scholarship to the residents of Punjab. The portal also helps the students to know about the submission, processing, eligibility, and application forms details. 

The Dr. Ambedkar scholarship portal’s primary focus is managed by the state government of Punjab to provide information to all the different castes and students’ levels. Especially to the students who are at the post-matric level. All the different types of scholarships covered under the post-matric level are mentioned in this post. 

What is Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship?

Under the Ambedkar scholarship Punjab, the department of welfare of minority castes like scheduled castes (SC), backward classes (BC) has provided financial aid to students pursuing education at post level matric. 

In conclusion, the scholarship is provided to the OBC and SC students who purely belong to Punjab. The financial aid is provided in the form of post-matric scholarship. The scholarship will eventually help the students in achieving further education and making a better career. 

Eligibility criteria for Dr. Ambedkar post-matric level scholarship

Before you apply for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship, make sure to go through the eligibility criteria that will help you to know whether you fit perfectly for the scholarship or not. 

Post matric scholarship eligibility criteria for SC students

  1. The annual income of the students applying for the scholarship should be not more than INR 2,50,000
  2. The applicant should be of Indian nationality and a resident of Punjab also.
  3. The students who are shifting their course of study from one to another level cannot apply for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship. The students who continue to complete one course are only eligible to apply for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship.
  4. Students who are pursuing different courses if long-distance learning can also apply for the scholarship.
  5. Applicants who are pursuing medical courses are also eligible to apply for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship. However, they are not allowed to do medical practice during the period. 
  6. The applicant or citizen who has applied for the scholarship should not get any other financial assistance from other governmental policies.
  7. The students receiving pre-examination coaching from the stipend provided under the dr Ambedkar scholarship are not eligible for the compensation dusting the coaching program.

Post matric scholarship eligibility criteria for OBC Students

Yes, there are different eligibility criteria for other caste students. Mentioned below is the eligibility guidelines for the OBC students- 

  • Applicants applying for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship should be of the caste OBC and the resident of Punjab.
  • The annual income of the applicant family should not exceed more than by INR 1,00,000.
  • If there are two family applicants, then only two boys can apply for the scholarship. This rule doesn’t apply to the girl candidate.
  • The citizens should have passed the class 10th examination successfully. After passing the test, the student should enrol themselves with the recognized institution’s continued post-matric level course or secondary course.
  • Applicants pursuing medical courses can also apply for the time, but cannot practice during the training.
  • Candidates pursuing distance learning are also allowed to enrol themselves with the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship.

Benefits of the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship portal to both SC and OBC students

Once you get enrolled yourself with the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship application, you will be availed with various benefits of the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship mentioned below. 

Scholarship benefits for SC students

  1. The students are provided with the thesis and research paper printing charges of 1600 INR. 
  2. Students studying professional and technical courses are availed with the study tour charges of up to 1600 INR. 
  3. Citizens who have any disabilities also get the travel allowance of Rs 160 every month, escort allowance of 160 per month, and additional funding of 240 per month.

Scholarship benefits for OBC students-

Slightly different from the benefits of ac students mentioned below are the help of the scholarship that can be availed by OBC students-

  1. Thesis and research paper typing charges of INR 1000 to the research scholar belonging to the obc caste.
  2. Students pursuing technical and professional courses are availed with INR 900 for the study tour services. 

The application process for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship Portal

Mentioned below are the details with which you can easily apply for the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship program- 

  • Visit the official portal of the dr Ambedkar scholarship. https://punjabscholarships.gov.in/Default.aspx
  • Register yourself as the new user by clicking the student registration category. You will generate a user id and password with the successful registration.
  • Now, log in by using the current generated details. Search for applications for scholarships and click on that option.
  • Fill in the application form with all the relevant details. Click on the register yourself and submit your application form.
  • Finally, please take out the printout of the form and submit it to the required recognized institution.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Dr. Ambedkar scholarship program. Please apply for the scholarship as it allows only a limited time to submit the application form. This scholarship program has helped increase Punjab’s literacy rate by promoting education to SC/ST, OBC, and other backward classes.

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