EWS Reservation: Eligibility, Required Documents, & Certification Process

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EWS stands for an economically weaker section in mind is a subcategory of people who belong to the general category. People from the general category possess less than Rs 8 lakh as their final family income falls under EWS. The EWS certificate launching is another government step to help the poor people of the general category with different schemes and assistance.

On January 7, 2019, the ministers’ union council approved a 10 percent reservation in government jobs and educational institutions for the economically weaker section of the general category. This scheme is being implemented and serves many people who do not belong to any SC/ST/ OBC caste category. Hence, they are considered to belong to the economically weaker section. This post will let you know everything about EWS certification, the EWS application form, and how to get an EWS certificate.

What is the Economically Weaker Section Scheme?

EWS certificate is issued to the people who do not belong to any of the caste categories like ST/OBC/SC. EWS caste is the new subcategory of the general caste category. It is a kind of reservation scheme that started in 2019 by the central government.

The EWS bill was approved by parliament and then by India’s president on January 12, 2019. On January 14, 2019. Gujarat was the first state to enact this law. The EWS reservation scheme has been planned to provide 10% of quota reservations to underprivileged people in direct recruitment in civil posts and services in the governmental sector.

Economically Weaker Certificate

EWS certificate serves as an asset or income certificate to the people who belong to the economically weaker section class (EWS class under general category). EWS certificate is very similar to an income certificate. Therefore, one should not get confused between a caste certificate and an EWS certificate.

Using the EWS certificate, any citizen in India who belongs to the general caste’s subcategory can benefit from a reservation of 10 percent for the EWS section. They can use the benefits of the scheme in any part of the country. The only mandate condition of any EWs citizen is that he/she should host the most critical document EWS certificate issued by the concerned authority.

Important Information related to the economically Weaker Section Certificate 

Well, the application of EWs can be accessed either online or offline. If you also want to get issued an EWs certificate for yourself, make sure you know all the crucial points related to the scheme.

  1. Name of the certificate- EWS certificate
  2. Enacted by- The government of India
  3. Issued to- Economic weaker section
  4. Name of law- Economic weaker section bill
  5. Reservation benefit- 10 percent quota in government jobs
  6. The validity of certificate- 1 year
  7. Mode of application- Online/Offline

Eligibility Criteria for EWS Certificate

Without being sure, whether you are eligible for the EWS certificate or not a directly applying will waste your time and energy; therefore, check out carefully the eligibility criteria for the EWS certificate.

  • Any citizen of India who doesn’t come under the SC/ST/OBC category and their family has a gross income of less than 8lakhs per annum. These types of citizens are eligible for the EWS certificate.
  • Any citizen of India or his family claims to possess the following assets are not considered to belong in the EWS subcategory.

Five acres of agricultural land, a residential plot of 100 yards and above, residential area of 1000 square feet and above, residential plot of 200 square yards and above.

Therefore, they cannot get an EWS certificate issued.

What does the family in the Eligibility of EWS Certificate mean?

For the EWs category, family inclusion means the following-

  1. The person who is applying for the EWS certificate
  2. Citizen’s parents
  3. The family also includes siblings below the age of 18 years
  4. The applicant’s spouse and children below the age of 18 years

Any property or different asses owned by the citizens are clubbed to check the exact eligibility of the EWS reservations.

How to get EWS Certification Form?

Any EWS applicant submits their EWS application form either online or offline. This depends on the facilities provided by the state government in all the corresponding states.

If you want to apply for your income and assets certificate online, you have to visit your state government’s official link that issues the EWs certificate. Search for the required link and proceed with the steps and submit the EWS online form, as mentioned there. States like Andhra Pradesh provide the online application facility that makes the procedure easier for the citizens.

For the offline application, citizens can collect the designated authorities’ application forms or download the official portal’s EWS certificate form. The link for the conditions is readily available. Also, be very careful while filling the form as no overwriting is allowed in such things.

Once you submit the EWS certificate form and all the required documents attested, the designated government officer will verify your documents and issue an EWS certificate on your name.

Documents required for EWS Certificate 

Make sure you have a hold of all the documents mentioned below. Without these, any citizen will not be able to apply for the certificate or complete his application procedure.

  • Aadhar card
  • Id proof
  • Residential proof
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Affidavit
  • Other relevant documents

Legal EWS Certificate issuing authorities

Mentioned below are the authorities that are considered to be official. Make sure you get your EWS certificate issued from any of the below-mentioned authorities.

  • District magistrate/additional
  • District magistrate/collector deputy
  • Commissioner/additional deputy
  • Magistrate/sub-divisional
  • Magistrate/taluka
  • Magistrate/extra assistant
  • Commissioner/1st class stipendiary
  • Magistrate/executive
  • Chief presidency
  • Magistrate/addition chief
  • Revenue officer not below the rank of tehsildar
  • Any sub-divisional officer in your area, where the family resides


Make sure you fall within the EWS category before you apply for the EWs certificate. Also, the application fee charged to the applicant for the registration of the EWS certificate is meager. It depends on the authority issuing the required certification. Therefore, the application fee for the EWS certificate will vary from state to state.

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