Government e-Market (GeM Portal) Place is a common platform for purchasing goods and materials. You can supply your products to government affairs with this platform. You will be access to access all government departments to market your products. The platform is active since 9th August 2016. Till now, more than 7400 products are available under 150 categories in the forum.

Purpose of GeM Portal

GeM e-market is useful in bringing out transparency and simplicity in government purchases. This forum can avoid the buyer-seller interaction. It can reduce the probability of any malpractice.  The aim of the GeM panel is as given below.

  • To increase the availability of product variety to procure
  • To save procurement time
  • To ensure the clarity of government purchase
  • Make the procurement information for auditors and administrators

Suitability of the GeM Platform

GeM panel is useful for creating an online platform for vendors. You can sell commodities and services through this panel with less human effort. This e-market is suitable for both buyers and sellers. GeM market will make buying and selling easy for all.

For Customers

  • An available comprehensive catalog of products and services
  • You can explore and compare a wide variety of goods.
  • Easy and intuitive buying option.
  • You can select the product with the ratings.
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • You can return your purchase with ease.

For Suppliers

  • Ability  to approach all Government sections
  • Can market your products with less activity
  • Capable of suggesting innovative products to vendors
  • Variable pricing according to market strategy
  • Easy interface for selling and monitoring your commodities
  • Uniform selling procedures for all

Facilities Available in Gem Portal

  • Automatic seller registration and buying options
  • Comprehensive Email and SMS notifications
  • Ability to integrate with PFMS and State Bank Option system
  • Flawless processes and timely payment
  • Faster bidding features
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Ensures the government consumers to by Made in India product
  • Can offer the commodities in 15-20%  less price

Perks For Sellers and Buyers

  • Capability to access a large group of potential customers.
  • Can reach the market with less marketing
  • Progressive product pricing with market change
  • Superior customer support with Multilanguage assistance

What Buyers Should Know?

For buying products from the GeM portal, the user has to follow the guidelines given below.


You have to register yourself with the GeM website for using the e-Market.

Step 1: User has to complete their primary registration with the portal

  • Log in with your Aadhar and mobile number.

Step 2: Sign in with your primary login credentials.

  • You need to have a government mail id for login.
  • Create a user name and password.

Step 3: Update your user profile.

  • Input organization details, contact details, and payment methods.
  • Ensure the correctness of authority details.

Step 4: Assign and designate your secondary user.

  • Nominate your secondary user.
  • Define the roles of the secondary nominee.

Step 5: Verify your secondary user profile.

  • Verify secondary nomination with an email link.
  • Complete the OTP verification.

Step 6: Complete your secondary user registration.

  • Signup with government email id.
  • Provide your secondary user’s organization, user name, and password.
  • Input other details to complete the application.

Buying Modes Available With GeM Portal

You can use three different procurement methods for buying products. Use appropriate choices for purchasing a product as per your requirement.

Direct Purchase

Buyers can purchase products directly from merchants with this option. You can use this option for low price purchases.

Direct Purchase With L1

You can buy products from the lowest bid products using this option. This choice is suitable for mid-value incorporation.

E-bid and Reverse Auction

You can conduct an electronic auction for procuring the product from the panel. The GeM portal can provide technical parameters for conducting bidding.

What Should Sellers Know?

Vendors can register with GeM e-market for selling their products. They can easily reach Government clients with this platform. Merchants have to register with the GeM forum with the following steps.

Step 1: Create a NIC registered email address for your service.

Step 2: Access the GeM official website and select the signup option to sign in as a seller.

Step 3: Complete your initial registration process by providing the necessary information.

Essential Documents

  • Aadhar number
  • Active email id (Preferably NIC email address)
  • PAN number for your business
  • Registration date of your concern
  • Company Information Number
  • Income tax filings

Step 4: Verify your email address with the confirmation mail.

Step 5: Input the details of secondary users.

Availability of the GeM Portal

GeM platform is available only for government buyers. Individuals cannot use this platform for buying a product now. However, the government is planning to make this service available for all in the coming years.

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