Learn the Process to Obtain an Income Certificate

How to apply income certificate | How to get income certificate online

The government of India focuses on keeping the country organized and progressing by implementing several rules and regulations. The various documents are mandated to have with all the citizens residing in India. There are many schemes which the government and state government always launches from time to time. In this post, you will also get to know ‘How to apply income certificate.’

But as there is an increase in population, all the people’s data management are quite tricky. And this is when there comes the need to issue documents and the essential document like ‘Income Certificate.’ This helps the government in deciding who is eligible for what kind of government benefits.

The income certificate is used to adhere to all the benefits of the schemes which are associated with the annual income of any individual. The eligibility is decided by the annual income of one’s family.

What Is an Income Certificate?

An income certificate is a document issued by the state government authority that certifies a person’s annual income or the entire family from all the different income sources. The actual authority that issues the income certificate varies from state to state. Individuals from any income group, caste, or category can get an income certificate issued in their name from the respective state authorities.

Legal Government/state government Income Certificate Issuing Authorities

As mentioned earlier various authorities are in charge of issuing the income certificates for their respective state residents. And apart from these authorities, no other agency or authority can issue an income tax certificate in your name.

  • Tehsildar
  • District magistrate
  • Collector revenue circle officer
  • Sub-divisional magistrate
  • Other government/ state government authorities

An income tax certificate is also termed as EWS in certain parts of the country. EWS stands for ‘Economically Weaker Section Certificate.’ Also, in case if you do not host any income tax certificate till now. You can get it issued from any of the authorities mentioned above.

How is income calculated for income tax certificates?

During the issuing of the income tax certificate, the whole family’s income is assessed to mention that on the income tax certificate. The applicant’s family may consist of the parents, unmarried brothers or sisters, daughters, widowed daughters, or dependent sons. Everyone lives under the same roof.

The income calculation signifies the regular income earned by the family. At some point, the unmarried brothers, daughters, and widowed income can still be reckoned. Mentioned below are the types of income that the authorities do not include while calculating the family’s annual income.

  • Family pension
  • Terminal benefits
  • Festival allowance
  • Surrender leave salary
  • The income of widowed sister or daughter

Appropriate uses of an income certificate and how to get an income certificate online?

It is very important to understand the benefits of an income certificate, which will help you acquire the perfect uses for every different purpose. This certificate also acts as evidence for the economically weaker section and, at the same time, measures the candidates’ eligibility for various schemes granted by the state government in different fields.

  1. Educational institutes that have specific quota for the people’s reserved class, mostly from weaker economical financial backgrounds. This certificate helps the students to get the admission either free of cost or in the concession rates.
  2. The certificate also helps in providing relief to the victims of various natural calamities or natural disasters.
  3. The certificate is also entitled to various properties like hostels, flats, or other such government accommodations.
  4. The government or institutions also provide the scholarship for the upliftment of the poor sections of the society.
  5. The certificate also helps in availing certain medical benefits like free or concessional treatment or subsidized.
  6. It also helps in obtaining loans from respective government employers at a very minimal rate of interest.
  7. Widows can also claim for the governmental pension with the income certificate.

How to apply an income certificate from the designated government authorities?

All the respective states have different online portals. Any citizen can reach their administration websites by logging into the official portal. Follow the steps mentioned below and apply for your income tax certificate.

These steps will get the solution for ‘How to get income certificate online.’

  • Visit the respective state/ district online portal to apply for the certificate online.
  • Start by registering yourself to the portal and create your account on the website with a unique username and highly secured password with the mobile number.
  • In the next step login to your account with the current details
  • Search for the application for income certificate option or any other similar terms
  • Once you click the option, the online application will open up.
  • Fill the complete form with all the correct details. The details that will be asked to fill the form are Name, age, address, radar card number or any other id proof, religion certificate, parent income certificate, domicile certificate, and an affidavit declaring all the particulars stated in the document are true.


Right after you gather all the essential documents for hosting your legally issued income certificate, you can simply apply on the website portal and the income certificate issued. Make sure you and your whole family host the income certificate by now as with this certificate, they can have all the benefits of the schemes provided by the state or central government. The application would cost a very minimal amount of fee to process the certificate. Later you will get the certificate issued in a period of 10-15days.

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