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The rural area of India is having the backbone of our country. We need to develop the nonurban locations of the nation. Understanding the nature and the facts about the population of India is essential to formulate schemes for them. To serve this purpose, the Ministry of Rural Development has set up the Mission Antyodaya web portal. This platform will research the economic and social background of the rural population of the state. This mission will conduct an annual survey in the rural area to collect user data. This brief will detail the A to Zs of Mission Antyodaya for you.

About Mission Antyodaya 

The mission is mainly useful for improving the service delivering the ability to the government. This forum will collect and organize data from various resources. The panel will concentrate on the development of backward areas of the state. The Mission Antyodaya will use the survey results to develop and improve the rural landscapes of the nation. The forum will prepare reports based on the study result. This outcome can be useful as an effective insight for crafting schemes and proposals for rural development.

 Mission Antyodaya Objective

The mission will have a specific purpose to accomplish. The survey will have the following objective to achieve.

  • To resolve community-level deficiencies among the rural community of people.
  • To integrate government departments and human resources
  • To craft and execute village level micro plans
  • To aid the government to provide financial assistance to the essential department
  • Monitoring the results of the program initiatives
  • To build strong infrastructure around the rural area
  • Providing better Agri and non-agro based livelihood

Selection of Gram Panchayats for Conducting Mission Antyodaya Survey

The survey for the mission will be conducted in rural areas of the state. We can select Gram Panchayat with the following criteria for conducting the census.

  • The gram panchayat with huge SC and ST population
  • The rural areas were selected for special coverage activities
  • The village panchayat with less or no criminal records
  • The village areas coming under Mission Water Conservation and MP Adarsh Gram Yojana
  • The non-urban area with passionate village leaders
  • Gram Panchayat without open defecation

Clustering of Village Panchayats

For easy implementation of Mission Antyodaya, it is essential to group the villages under a specific category.  We can categorize areas based on the following genre.

  • Agricultural Cluster
  • Animal Husbandry cluster
  • Education and Learning Cluster
  • Manufacturing Hub
  • Service and Tourism Cluster
  • Warehousing Cluster

Mission Antyodaya Survey

The mission will conduct a survey every year in the village panchayat. In the questionnaire, 143 questions are available, using which we can define the rural area’s status. Officials can manage survey questions through a website or mobile application. Users have to register in the Mission Antyodaya portal for managing the census. The MoRD officials can use this portal for regulating their field data collection activities.

User Registration

The MoRD official can start using the portal by registering in the online portal. You can proceed with your registration through Mission Antyodaya mobile application or website.

Steps for registering in the Antyodaya portal

Step 1: Access the Mission Antyodaya portal. https://missionantyodaya.nic.in/

Step 2: Input your login details and personal information.

Step 3: Enter the access role type and state and district name.

Step 4: Submit your form after confirming the Captcha verification.

Mission Antyodaya Survey – Data Collected

The survey will collect data representing the population, infrastructure, and development activities in the rural area. The census will rank the village with agriculture, housing, drinking water, education, and social welfare activities of the region. The survey will be conducted annually. A comparison of the current survey results with the previous year’s data can reveal the development in the panchayat. A score will be provided to the GP based on the improvement. These data can be useful in streamlining government schemes towards rural area development. 

 Mission Antyodaya Mobile Application

The mission Antyodaya portal is available for the mobile platform as a downloadable application. You can use the platform through a smartphone. The MORD official can use the mobile application for entering the user survey data and to consolidate them. You can input the census data in offline mode and save it as a draft.

Android Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.nic.mission_antyodaya.gp&hl=en_IN&gl=US

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