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About RCH Portal

India is the second country with more human resources. The nation comprises 16.7% of the world’s citizenry. It is crucial to establish birth control measures to control the growing population. Keeping this in mind Reproductive Health Care Society was established in the year 1997. The main aim of the panel is to reduce the birth rate and endure child survival.

Objectives of RCH Portal

The Reproductive and Child Health Panel (RCH Portal) is aiming to conform to the tracking of mother and child welfare.

  • Ensure the health care services to pregnant women and children at the essential time.
  • Increasing the success of the health care service system
  • Tracking all infant and pregnant women health
  • Covering a wide range of citizens

Phases of RCH

The reproductive and child health program is active since 1997. The scheme is evolving with developments at constant intervals. The different phases of my RCH portal app are given below.

Phase I

Phase I is the inaugural program of the RCH health program. It has four components that are responsible for women and child welfare. 

Family Planning

Population control is the main motto of my RCH portal or health hub. It will research the reason for the failure of population control programs. It will ensure that people are maintaining their fertility.

Ensuring Infant Survival

The child death rate is high in India. rch govt. of india initiative is for ensuring child survival. Child mortality is short by providing proper vaccination and immunization. All childbirth data will be useful in this regard.

Securing the Motherhood

The program will help pregnant women in maintaining their health. It will provide proper assistance for Pregnancy care measures.

Aim of Phase I

The reproductive child health program was initiated with higher-end goals to reach. They are as given below.

  • Reducing the birth rate to 21 per 1000 people
  • Lowering the child death rate to 60 per 1000 newborn
  • Bringing down the pregnancy death to less than 400 per 1,00,000 women
  • Providing 100% vaccination to all newborn

Phase II

The second phase of the rchrpt.nhm.gov.in login program is functional from 2005. This update will ensure the achievement of the goals of the scheme with potency.

Care for Mothers

Phase II of the RCH portal is for nurturing pregnant women and mothers. The program will provide proper vaccination to pregnant women. It will ensure that all women deliver under the guidance of professionals. The portal will monitor the post-delivery health of the mother with three periodical check-ups.

Care for Children

The RCH portal ensures the health of infants by encouraging mothers to breastfeed infants. The forum will educate parents about infant vaccination.

Working Methodology of RCH Portal

The concept of the RCH panel is to collect information on all pregnant women. It aims to support them with proper guidance and health care. The functioning of the forum will have the following proceedings.

How to Enter Data With RCH Portal?

RCH forum can assist infants and mothers. It is necessary to collect all information in this regard. The portal will consolidate the collected by entering them into the portal.

rch workflow

Step 1:  Access the RCH portal and choose the option for rch portal data entry. @rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/

Step 2: Choose the state and  user name

Step 3: Input your login credentials and sign in to your account.

Step 4: Select the district, label, and health block.

Step 5: Choose the health facility type, sub facility, and village.

Step 6: Avail of the rch.nhm.gov.in data entry in the main screen that appears.

Step 7: Choose the type of RCH data Entry that you want to enter.

Type of Data To Enter

  • Population Entry

You should enter the following fields for completing the population entry.

  1. Total number of citizens
  2. Count of a suitable applicant
  3. The approximate number of women expecting a baby
  4. Infant population
  5. Details of the health provider
  • Eligible Couples

It is necessary to input the following information to register couples in the RCH portal.

  1. Title of the couples
  2. Residential details of the couples
  3. Valid mobile number
  4. Age details of couples
  5. Pregnant Women
  6. Child Entry
  7. Health Provider
  8. Direct Data Entry

Step 8: You can input population information and eligible candidate details.

Step 9:  Save your data.

Reproductive Child Health RCH National Health Mission

In the above article, we have mentioned all the essential information related to www.rch.nhm.gov.in.india. If you have any queries like:- how to register in rch portal, आरसीएच पोर्टल आईडी, rch app, rch form pdf, www.rch.nhm.gov.in.india data entry, rch.nhm.gov.in login, rch nhm gov in login password username, then please ask us through below comment box.

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