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Seva Sindhu is an initiative taken by Karnataka’s government to deliver the exclusive government service at Karnataka’s citizens’ doorsteps. The Seva Sindhu facilities and services are integrated with various other service delivery channels of Karnataka. These integrated centers are Bangalore one, CSC center, Atalji Jana snehi Kendra, Karnataka one, and bapuji kendras.

The Seva Sindhu facilities aim to provide all the departmental services under one platform. This service provides hassle-free service delivery in a brief period. Seva Sindhu also aids the department by simplifying the delivery process and giving the door to door services by eradicating the cumbersome time and stopping the operation of the unwanted and less necessary steps that take a longer time.

Aim of the Seva Sindhu

Seva Sindhu has started its service with a good vision and the aim. Mentioned below are the vital purpose and vision on which the Seva Sindhu services solely focus on.

  • Facility to provide cashless services
  • Faceless services to avoid physical contact in the times of COVID-19.
  • Paperless services, therefore, they are highly maintained digitally.

Exclusive features of the Seva Sindhu new Registration

Mentioned below are the excellent characteristics and the benefits of the Seva Sindhu services. Once you get registered with the service, you will be able to avail of all the services for your family and yourself.

  • Quick doorstep delivery and services
  • Accessible services
  • The cost of the services is affordable and is not expensive.
  • Accountable, Seva Sindhu takes complete accountability for any inconvenience in the process of service delivery.
  • It also provides transparent government services to the citizens of India.

Seva Sindhu was enforced under the e-district mission mode (MMP) of electronics and information technology (deity), ministry of communication, and information technology. The services also grant Indian citizens all the necessary awareness and assistance of the government schemes and facilities to the community with adequate and proper information dissemination.

Advantages of these Seva Sindhu Services 

Once you avail yourself of the new registration Seva Sindhu, you can access these fantastic significant benefits of the services.

  1. One portal for all the departmental services of the Karnataka Government. Seva Sindhu has decently integrated and got all the benefits for Karnataka’s citizens on just one platform.
  2. The citizens can approach any services other than office hours too. Which means that there is n fixed time and service is opened to serve the citizens
  3. Citizens can track the status of their services from anywhere at any time.
  4. The availability of centralized help desks is always available. This helpline will help in clarifying all the doubts of the people regarding their services.
  5. Alternatively, if any citizen faces more complicated issues, they can visit the nearby gram service, and the case is resolved in no matter of time.

Services Provided by The Seva Sindhu

There is a variety of services provided by the latest initiative Seva Sindhu. Therefore, the list of the departments which are functioned under the Seva Sindhu service is mentioned below.

  • Department of labor
  • Revenue department
  • Bangalore development authority
  • Department of personnel and administrative reforms
  • Department of drug control
  • Department of women and welfare
  • Food and civil supplies department
  • Department of Ayush
  • Transport department
  • Department of planning
  • Empowerment and senior empowerment department of empowerment
  • Youth empowerment and sports department
  • Department of Kannada and culture
  • Department of information and public relations

The departments mentioned above solely function under the Seva Sindhu service to provide India’s citizens with all the required facilities.

How to apply for Seva Sindhu’s new Registration? 

The citizens can register themselves through the official Seva Sindhu portal. With the new registration, any citizen can get access to all the different departmental services. Follow the steps mentioned below and register yourselves-

STEP 1- The very first step to register yourselves with the Seva Sindhu app or website by filling all the required details

STEP 2 -In case if you are an existing user. Then you can enter your login id and password.

STEP 3- Once you are done entering your login details, carefully read and enter the captcha

STEP 4- Click on the submit button

STEP 5- if you are a new user, click on the original registration, and you will be redirected to the application page.

STEP 6- Now, fill in the entire new registration form with all the correct details

STEP 7- Enter the details that are marked as compulsion and click on the submit button

STEP 8- Select the department and start applying for the desired services

Once you are done with all the registration steps, you will be immediately notified with the acknowledgment number as the successful confirmation of submitting the Seva Sindhu application.


Seva Sindhu is a great initiative taken by the Karnataka government. The service has helped many citizens of India. Especially in the times of COVID. Where there is a high need for contactless services. If your new registration form is not processed at all, you can track down your application’s status by logging in to the official portal of the Seva Sindhu from where you registered yourself.

If there is no update about your application form, you can contact the head office and get the solutions for your queries.

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