Shaala Darpan is the program that caters to students’ parents and teachers, giving them various educational services and ensuring the transparent and efficient management of schools. The shaala darpan services were launched by India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development on the 5th of June 2015.

The services were launched in more than 1,100 Kendriya Vidyalayas for the benefit of nearly 12 lakh students. Their parents and almost 50,000 teachers benefited from these services. This program aims to bring all the stakeholders on one platform, including parents, students, teachers, the school management, and the school administration.

What is the Shaala Darpan Programme?

Shaala Darpan, or mobile Darpan service, is a communication platform of the Government of India. The program is launched to offer mobile access to parents of a student of Government and other Government aided educational institutions. The network provides connectivity to educational institutes across India by mobile phones.

Aim of the Shaala Darpan Programme 

The exact aim of the ICT program of human resource development, ministry of India is mentioned below-

  1. The system of Darpan aimed to bring in more convenience in life for parents by providing them with multiple communication options. 
  2. It is a service of communication and telephony that enables people to reach their parents or guardians. 
  3. It helps in improving communication between parents and guardians and helps in connecting parents and students. 
  4. It helps students from across the country get updates regarding their education courses by providing them with information about their practices, syllabus, timings, admission dates, distance learning centers, timings, etc.
  5. The system allows students to use their cell phones to send their lectures, syllabus, and course details to their parents. 
  6. They can even take advantage of the system for updating their syllabus and courses. The system helps in sending and receiving mails.

Availability of the Shaala Darpan ICT Program 

The mobile Darpan service is available on any network available in India. The users can access the system in both GPRS and CDMA. To have an authentic and smooth working experience of Darpan service, it is always recommended to use the IMAP service as the system is developed for IMAP support. The Darpan service does not support other service providers like WAP, MMS, WPA, etc.

Apart from IMAP support, Darpan also provides various features such as email, calendar, contacts, calendars, photo albums, games, etc. The users can easily update their status and other important information using cell phones and their online accounts. Darpan also provides various facilities like VoIP services, e-cards, etc.

Mobile Darpan also enables its users to connect their parents through the online application. This feature allows the parents to manage their wards and students in a better way.

Shaala Darpan Services:

Under shaala Darpan, through the medium of school information services, a series of services would be available. 

  • Student profile management would help manage the information of the students.
  • Information about their parents and siblings
  • Attendance
  • Health-related records
  • Mark sheet 
  • Scholarship related information

Facilities provided to access the Shaala Darpan Programme Services 

Every student will have a smart card for registering attendance and close monitoring. A painless procedure of swiping the smart guard in class will write their attendance. All the parents will be informed about the student’s attendance through SMS in the preferred language. 

Besides being informative, this feature will make the parents feel safe for their children through employee information, modules, biometric system information regarding school employees can be managed. This software also keeps records of recruitment and postings, transfer attendance, appraisals allowances, and pension. 

Parents would also be informed about the student’s progress report through email. This software would provide an interface for record and grades and publish it in the grade book through curriculum tracking; parents would know what their child is learning in the class. Calendars and lesson plans can also be viewed and understood through it. Custom report for school management and administrator enables skillful management of goods and storage.

Present status of the 1st phase of the Shaala Darpan Programme 

Here is the present status of the shaala darpan ICT program-

  • The total number of os users in the Delhi region of KVS is 1,11891, with 98,756 records being verified. Further out of 65 KVS, only 45 KVS are using SMS services.
  • Online admission of the KVS Delhi region is proposed for which testing trials are being conducted in 8 KVS, and it Is also proposed to achieve trial runs in all the KVS of the Delhi reign.
  • Presently, KVS is working with the NIC cloud team for the migration of the NIC cloud team.
  • SMS gateway registration form and relay forms have been completed, and services will be provided soon to all the students who are availed with the shaala darpan ICT program.
  • The first round of training across the 25 KVs has been completed, and the practice of students and parents have started being conducted. 


SHAALA DARPAN would revolutionize the traditional education system and bring model changes to the manual and semi-automatic systems and inculcate transparency, accessibility, accountability, and efficiency in the work process of schools. Empowerment of such government schools through such a macro level project of MIS (Management Information System) and ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) has been initiated in the history of independent India for the first time.

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