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Manav Sampada portal is the Human Resource Management System of the Uttar Pradesh Government. This system helps the staff and the government of India in making the right decision and monitoring all the essential activities. This government system helps in monitoring workforce planning, postings, recruitment, and promotions.

Well, the main motive of the up manav sampada portal is to maintain the electronic data of all the government employees as this will help in keeping the records in an organized manner and hence will lead to the better working of the system.

Benefits of the ehrms Manav Sampada Portal UP

Every scheme came with some benefits and mentioned below are the top benefits of the manav sampada uttar pradesh transfer.

  • The database is created in such a way that every vital employee’s service is recorded and stored in a searchable employee service book. 
  • The second benefit of the Manav Sampada UP portal is that it provides the maintenance of the service book digitally. This step has also helped in reducing the futile manual efforts of humans. 
  • This portal also helps in gaining more knowledge of the computer field. The digital organization of data has helped in automatic timely updating of promotions, services, transfers and increments, departmental proceedings, and so on. 
  • Manav sampada uttar pradesh has dramatically reduced the maintenance of unnecessary records. Hence avoiding the unnecessary confusion and clashing of data. 
  • This transparent record maintenance has empowered the employees to work more passionately and enthusiastically as the service allows them to view their services, discrepancies, and books. 

Manav Sampada Portal Uttar Pradesh Details

Manav Sampada login Uttar Pradesh terms form is officially available on the Portal The Portal helps the upstate government in maintaining the records of their employees. With the help of this ehrms uttar pradesh, they can also monitor the activities, planning, transfer, recruitment, and other departmental proceedings.

The Manav Sampada up is the public service portal website helping the government and their employees. 

Manav Sampada app portal is launched by the primary education council department of up. This Portal is established to provide ordinary people and government employees with public services.

People who can log in to the HRMS department are the members of the primary and upper primary teaching staff and other government employees. They can log in to the Portal and use different services.

Essential Details of the Manav Sampada Portal Uttar Pradesh

Mentioned below are the essential highlights and the details of the ehrms upsdc gov in login page that you should know if you are one of the users of this portal- 

  1. It is a simple and common application tool. The services are managed and operated by NIC, UP state. 
  2. http ehrms upsdc gov in is a government to government and government to the employee service portal.
  3. There are three different types of services provided by the manav sampada login uttar pradesh, and they are- G2G, G2C and G2E.
  4. The honourable chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath Garu has initiated the Manav Sampada portal.
  5. The motive of the minister was to compile all the government services and to represent and access them through one single platform or Portal. With which the state residents can quickly get benefits and are always updated about the latest state info.

There are different types of application available on the Manav Sampada portal, the essential modules of the portal are mentioned below-

  • Address Information of Employee 
  • Employee Professional Information
  • Nomination Information of the Employee
  • Education/Training Information of Employee
  • ACR Information of Employee 
  • Departmental Proceeding Information of Employee 
  • Leave Information of Employee 
  • Award Information of Employee
  • Application Management 
  • State Administrator
  • Department Administrator
  • Employee Professional Information
  • Nomination Information of the Employee

Advantages of the Manav Sampada Portal that are provided to the residents of Uttar Pradesh

As we studied the public benefits of the Manav Sampada ehrms portal. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the system that are being provided to the domiciled applicant of Uttar Pradesh- 

  • The online portal will provide the complete details of 20 lakh government employees of different departments.
  • The portal will help in improving the skills of the members of the state government employees in different sections.
  • Many aims are involved in the portal that helps in the betterment of the residents of Uttar Pradesh.
  • This portal helps the government to keep track of the status of human resources.

Online Modules of the Manav Sampada UP

Generally, four different modules are operated under the manav sampada portal latest version– 

  1. Transfer/ posting
  2. Leave management
  3. ACR module
  4. e-filing of annual property return

Most Critical Public Windows of the- Human Resource Management System

As the portal manages such many available windows, but we have mentioned below the most critical general windows, and they are- 

  • Office list
  • Posting list
  • Face Sheet
  • PI Status
  • Date entry status

You can easily apply for the services listed on manav sampada app by ehrms upsdc gov in login page in to the official portal. If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, you can visit the ehrms UP portal and register yourself.


Manav Sampada UP has no doubt increased the computer skills awareness among the government employees of Uttar Pradesh. Also, a lot of unnecessary manual power is saved, which can be used in deserving tasks. You can easily register yourself with the portal and start using the services. For better use, you can install the app later with the same login details. It is effortless to navigate the application process and details.

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